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Very exciting news from Slovenia Monday May 21st 2012 02:06:11 PM

Katja reports as of a few hours ago that the birth has started.^ 6 beautiful puppies so far maybe a few more to go. Will be a very difficult decision for Amy with katja's help!!! :) Katja and Igor already booked for New York plus one cav puppy destined for American citizenship yet to be determined

Ellis Institute Note Wednesday September 22nd 2010 09:28:24 AM

A student has informed me that the renouned Ellis Institue has re instituted their friday night programming for selected Friday nights. Please check with the Institute for details and particulars. I would apreciate your coments and feedback if you attend. Thanks and thank you to Kara Honegger for the information

All teachers fired at Rhode Island High School Wednesday February 24th 2010 11:45:27 AM

DSM-5: The future of Psychiatric diagnosis Thursday February 11th 2010 12:31:31 AM

2-11-10 It was announced this week that the the long anticipated 5th revision of the American Psychiatric Manual is due for publication in 2013. The proposals are still subject to review and revision.

Exciting Summer! Sunday September 20th 2009 12:02:16 PM

News: Exciting summer! Mrs. D. and I made two trips to Slovenia this summer. Slovenia is a quiet, beautiful, peaceful, incredibly friendly country located in Central Europe in the eastern Alps at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea. What a gem of a country it is! We traveled to Slovenia in June and again in August and each time brought home a gorgeous puppy. Bogi was born in May 2009 and Drugi was born in July 2009 . Bogi is named after his breeder Bogomir Serbec and Drugi is a Slovenia word which roughly translates into “the second one”. While there we made such wonderful friends. Thank you to Bogomir and Milena, Igor, Uros and Karla, all the kids and grandkids and of course a very special thanks to Ms Katja Jus and her parents for introducing her to this wonderful breed. Without Katja’s help we never would have even left Northport. Your warmth, hospitality, and friendship made these trips very very special to us. We love you guys and hope to see you again even if we have to come back to Slovenia to do it. Pictures and more specifics about the puppies to follow soon.

Uno wins 132nd Westminster Wednesday February 13th 2008 01:26:47 AM

Barking and baying up a storm, Uno lived up to his name Tuesday night by becoming the first beagle to win best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. The nation's new top dog was clearly the fan favorite, and drew a roaring, standing ovation from the sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden when he was picked. He also drew a standing O from Mrs d., myself, and of course our own little loxy as we cheered him on from home!!!!! Long live little Beagles!! Way to go Uno!!!!! Love ya dude!

Albert Ellis Thursday September 20th 2007 12:19:12 AM

Sadly we lose a mental health superstar!!! Thursday February 9th 2006 02:37:58 AM

For teens and their parents: "Teens Against Abusive Relationships" . Well worth a read and discussion(s) together.

children of alcoholics Tuesday February 7th 2006 12:42:17 PM

Bravo Wally!! Monday April 18th 2005 12:30:21 AM

This past weekend at the American Super Show in Manalapan NJ Wally rocked big time! He won four Best of Breeds along with Group 3 and Group 4 placements as well. Along the way he racked up a total of 14 ribbons of all shapes,colors,and sizes. The weather was hot the competition fierce. We are so proud of our gutsy little guy! Actually Wally performed admirably until he ran into the older more experienced winners from the other herding breeds who proved to be too much for him at this point in his young emerging career. However,Wally will get other shots at them over the course of the summer. Note: In addition to his ongoing agility training with Mrs.D.and his beloved trainer Ms. Cathy, Wally and Dr.D. begin Sheepherding instruction next month. As you read this Dr.D. is looking for a beret and a Shepherd's staff. Let the poor sheep beware.

Brooklyn The Musical Monday March 7th 2005 12:42:44 AM

The Denver Post recently called Brooklyn "The miracle of the season". We wholeheartedly agree. The story of Brooklyn is told through the music of the streets. It's unlike anything you have heard before on Broadway as we follow a young girl searching for fame and the father she never knew. What a wonderous sidewalk fairly tale this show is!!! Eden Espinosa is well on her way to becoming the next great diva of musical theatre. Mrs D and I have seen this show three times and we hope it can outlive the wrath of it's critics.

Wicked The Musical. The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz. "It isn't easy being green" (Kermit the Frog, circa 1990) Saturday January 22nd 2005 04:27:35 PM

Wicked the musical is an unbelievable show!! Teachers and parents please run dont walk to Ticketmaster,ebay,brokers, whomsoever for tickets to this one. Following that,please tell the story of the beautiful green baby girl Elphaba (whose own father would not even hold her)and her valiant attempts to cope and survive psychologically in a largely non-supportive world where there are no green people. Wicked is absolutely one of the best shows we have ever seen with a highly relevant message for us all. Please tell the story of Wicked to your kids and students. Make your presentation scary, make it funny, but above all make it relevant to the struggles of all kids who have to deal with being different. d.

The latest scoop: 2004 IDEA Reauthorization Friday November 26th 2004 04:51:18 PM

The unified IDEA bill unveiled by the Conference Committee on Wednesday, November 17, 2004, has been passed by Congress! The House passed the bill by a vote of 397 - 3 on Friday. The Senate immediately followed suit, passing the bill by voice vote Friday night. Now the bill is on to the President for his signature. When that happens, IDEA will officially be reauthorized as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act. Please check the Pacer website for a copy of the bill and bill summaries. Interpretations and ramifications of the bill will be discussed in class as they become clearer.

The Bipolar Child Wednesday October 27th 2004 11:50:05 AM

In my opinion this is the best resource for current literature related to Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder. For those interested I suggest that you purchase the book and subscribe to the Bipolar Child newsletter. There is no expected DSM update until 2010 at the earliest. Thus we need sources such as this to stay current in this area.

Antidepressant meds for children: Current NIMH position Friday October 1st 2004 02:36:54 PM

IDEA Update Thursday September 23rd 2004 03:29:42 AM

Senate Names IDEA Reauthorization Conferees On Sept. 21, the U.S. Senate appointed members to the conference committee charged with negotiating the differences between bills passed by the House and the Senate. Each member of the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee was appointed to the conference committee. The House is expected to act shortly. Appointment of the conference committee signals that each body wishes to pass an IDEA reauthorization bill before the end of the year. (It is nearly October-I will believe this when i actually see it happen.)

Concerts/Theatre Wednesday September 22nd 2004 03:04:06 AM

We saw two outrageous concerts at the Garden this past week. Phil Collins and Gloria Estefan. Mrs D.was dancing in the aisles while I did not go quite that far. Next month we have really good tickets for the shows "Wicked" and the new musical "Brooklyn".

Albert Ellis Sunday June 13th 2004 09:19:27 PM

Despite rumors to the contrary Dr Albert Ellis is very much alive and well and wowing his audiences at his institute in NYC Friday nights. Ellis institute

Yoshi's Book Sunday June 13th 2004 09:18:50 PM

"So What? I Learn Differently!"-A first-person narrative on Learning Differences/Learning Disabilities examining programs resources and services which have been provided throughout an educational career since being diagnosed L.D. at the age of 5. Yonatan Koch has completed his B.S. in Special Education at C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University. For more details about the book and publication see here

Columbine Sunday June 13th 2004 09:16:28 PM

Elliot Aronson's "Nobody Left to Hate:Teaching Compassion After Columbine"(Freeman,2000). In this highly lucid and engaging book the author argues that the negative atmosphere in our schools- the exclusion,taunting,humiliation,exclusion,and bullying have once again played a major role in triggering the pathological behavior of teenage shooters."Nobody Left to Hate" offers concise,practical,and easy-to-apply strategies for creating a more supportive,stimulating,and compassionate environment in our schools. Hands-on, wonderfully written, a must read!

Draw-A-Person Test Sunday June 13th 2004 09:15:00 PM

Karen still rules!!!!!! Machover's Draw a Person test and her original 1949 reference to it ("Personality Projection in the Drawing of the Human Figure: A Method of Personality Investigation" has had 11 printings to date is still selling well. Not many books in the field of personality assessment and in psychology in general can claim such longevity and popularity. A true classic worth a look for those interested in this fascinating area.

More Cool games!!! Sunday June 13th 2004 09:14:15 PM

For kids (and big kids) only. Most of these are quite challenging, fun, and kind of addictive. Unfortunately this is not a free site but I can send you the games that I already have. Parents and kids check them out here

Cool game Sunday June 13th 2004 09:13:15 PM

Speaking of games: We love this one Ricochet