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Bogi - Wally - Drugi

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Bogi is from Slovenia. He is named after his Slovenian breeder Bogimir Serbec. Bogi is a full AKC champion he finished early within one year. Bogi has also been entered in weight pull competition. he has already pulled 2,195 lbs winning first place in his last outing up in the new England area. He also has his novice working pack dog winning several ribbons in those competions walking 8 miles a day 4 times carrying 25 lbs on his back each time. Bogi is a true gentleman champion. he is a love we adore him!!!!

Drugi is also from Slovenia.the name "Drugi" means "second one" in Slovenian. Drugi also has entered weight pull competition and in his last outing he pulled the most weight per body pound. Coming in second place to Bogi in that competition. Drugi will start pack hiking when Aunt kelly takes him. The two are not related but are like brothers in every other way. Both are magificant representitives of their breed! Both love children and Alex, and Susan, and laurie, and Mitch, and Robert and Carole and many others as well.

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